Happy Birthday to A. Sai Sahithi (10-D), Syed Ali Nusrath Khundmiri (9-A), C. Ruchi Reddy (8-A), N. Snehal Reddy (7-C), S. NEHA SAI SRIYA (5-E), G. Sai Sdhanwa (2-B), S. Deekshitha Sai Padmini (2-C) * SJPS Malakpet welcomes you.  

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I TERM Cabinet Investiture 22nd June 2013
1st Parliament Session (Monsoon) 20th July 2013
Vanamagotsav 18th July 2013
  Grand Parents Day 24th August 2013
  Telugu Dinothsavam 29th August 2013
  Hindi Divas 14th September 2013
II TERM School Exhibition 26th October 2013
Children's Carnival 8th November to 12thNovember 2013
School Fete 30th November 2013
2nd Parliament Session (Winter) 20th November 2013
  Share & Care Programme Visit to Orphanage home 4th December 2013
III TERM Art & Craft Exhibition 11th January 2014
Sports Day/ Annual Day 21st February 2014

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